Artisanal Cannabis

Just as it's important to support local businesses and how many people will prefer to buy their food from locally sourced farms, you can shop smart with artisanal cannabis as well. Washington state is home to numerous premiere cannabis producers, each with their unique process for crafting the robus strains for an ideal smoke. Below, we look at just a few of the great growers of artisanal cannabis in our region.

Aurum Farms

While the cannabis industry is still relatively young, Aurum Farms has one of the most stories pasts among their peers. An award winning grower, Aurum boasts some of the highest THC levels across the entire industry. They do this by utilizing an advanced indoor grow method. Just take a look at their Extreme Og concentrate they collaborated with Refine. It boasts a 70.37% THC level – not something to take lightly. But even if concentrates aren’t your thing, their Girl Scout Cookies pre-roll is a heavy 21.72% and the Gorilla Glue is a bit milder, but still formidable at 18.29%.


Burnwell refers to themselves as “cannabis without compromise.” They fulfill that promise with each new strain they release. So much of this is due to the company’s holistic method to cannabis farming. Concerned with the growing energy consumption of the cannabis industry, Burnwell opts to use only the sun and not artificial lights to grow their product. This also helps cannabinoid development, meaning you’re going to get even more flavor that you wouldn’t from grow lamps. Every process of the farming, from the light to the soil is all natural. So when you’re smoking an indica like Candyland, a sativa like Grape Stomper, or a hybrid like Hindu Sour – you’re getting a pure, organic smoking experience.  

Seattle Private Reserve

As the name might imply, Seattle Private Reserve releases some of the most luxurious strains in the region. This is due to their extensive process which brings together a variety of perspectives from weed experts, each working together to try and create the best strains they possibly can. They also implement a “true sealed environment,” meaning they can grow in any weather despite the harsh winters or scorching summers. Their inventory is extensive as well, ranging from powerful concentrates like the LA Sour with 71.38% THC to dank hybrids like the Sour Headband.

Feeling like you’re ready to jump into some of the artisanal cannabis that the Northwest has to offer? Come on down to The Bakeree and our staff will help find the right strain for you. It’s not just about getting a smoke that will get you high, but finding a curated strain that will provide you with a handcrafted experience.

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