Past to Present: Everything to know about the History of Vaping

As modern as vaping seems it is not actually all that new. The roots of vaping are actually recorded to reaching as far back as the 5th century. Ancient models aside, even modern vaporizers have their specific roots with electronic advances during the last century. All trends need to start somewhere, but sometimes they do not really pick up until a time where an audience will really appreciate them.

Vaping: In the Beginning

The earliest recorded electronic cigarette patent appeared in the 1920’s, created by a Joseph Robinson. But while Mr. Robinson’s designs did not pick up and there would not be another push for electronic cigarettes until the 1960’s. In 1965 Herbert A. Gilbert published his patent and pushed for a less addictive, healthier alternative to smoking. Unfortunately the 20th century audience would be less than receptive to the need for an e-cigarettes benefits.    

Ahead of the Times

The mid-20th century was home to a tobacco industry at full strength. Advertisements were everywhere, warnings were minimal, and people were not actively looking for any alternatives. Production of vaporizers was unnecessary when there was already an established market for cigarettes. Mr. Gilbert's patent for e-cigarettes would expire before the idea fell back into obscurity.

Modern Return of Vaporizers

The e-cigarete would not re-emerge as a viable idea until the 21st century. A chinese medical researcher and pharmacist named Hon Lik would develop and create and release a new, modern e-cigarete by 2006. There would be plenty of refinement and changes before the modern trend started to pick up within the next two decades. Vaping subcultures were already growing by the early 2000’s and with the decline of smoking they would soon see an incredible boom in business.

Vapes’ Time in the Spotlight

The rise of vape culture was further pushed when two brothers named Umer and Tariq Sheikh living in the United Kingdom created the cartomizer. With the cartomizer, e-cigarettes would then be able to go on the market as single, disposable units. This change allowed vaping to spread even faster and by 2007 the e- cigarette would hit U.S shores. As vaporizers spread and grew in popularity, they would benefit from the attention and contributions of its user base.

2018 and Future Directions for Vaping

One of vapings best qualities is how customizable of an experience it can be. Vaporizers are incredibly modifiable and the user base has found ways to push and change their experiences in radically different ways. Size, shape, color, or even power settings are capable of being swapped to fit user preference. There are even sports and events centered around people vaping and mods. The history of the vape is still ongoing; a hobby that has taken the world by storm.

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