Cookies, Candy, And More - Which Edible Is Right For You

The landscape of marijuana consumption has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. Way back when before you could Google the easiest way to make your own treats, people went through a trial and error period of infusing various foods with cannabis to figure out the best avenues to get high.

Nowadays, instead of guessing how to make effective edibles without overdoing it, there are tried and true methods of making your own weed butter and using it in a variety of baked goods. It’s a time-consuming process, and if you’d rather leave the scientific measuring up to the experts, any number of dispensaries can supply you with premade edibles and a ton of options.

If you’re new to the world of edibles, let’s explore what’s before you. From loaded soda and candy to cookies and teas, the choices can often be overwhelming. We break down the most common options and explore what you might expect from each type.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

One of the more popular kinds of edibles comes in the form of candy, and whether it’s chocolate, gummies, or mints, you’re sure to find a flavor that you like. Edible candies typically take two general forms: smaller bite-sized pieces that come in a pack, or larger items like bars and multi-serving gummies.

Those who don’t enjoy smoking can often appreciate eating their weed, as the candy has come a long way in terms of taste. Some brands do bring with them a hint of marijuana aftertaste, but for the most part, companies do a great job of masking the taste with other delicious flavors.

As with all edibles, candy can either take a while to affect you (up to 2 hours in some cases) or if you eat them on an empty stomach can take as little as 10 minutes to take you on a wild ride. Your high is generally more intense and lasts a decent amount of time, although everyone will be affected differently.

Candies commonly come in 5mg doses while larger options are made to break apart into smaller sections. It’s not advised to eat an entire chocolate bar in one sitting!

Cannabis Cookies

Popular with the at-home baker, both cookies and brownies are commonly talked about when it comes to edibles. Much like candy options, the effects of the weed can hit you right away, offering relief from pain or simply imparting a calming mood. Again, how hydrated you are and how much food you’ve recently eaten will play a large role in how strongly you’re affected by the THC.

One of the main reasons to choose a brownie or cookie over candy is that in many ways it can be more discrete. Unless you transfer your candy to your own bag, it’s clear for everyone to see what you’re eating. However, hold a cookie or brownie in your hand and nobody's the wiser! Remember, dosages will vary in these baked goods, so while eating a regular cookie in one go isn’t a big deal, you might want to exercise some discretion with your special treats.

Loaded Sodas

Going along with the idea of portability and discretion has come a new way to ingest marijuana - drinking a loaded soda. This innovative type of edible has become popular within just the last few years as the technology used in the marijuana industry has created new kinds of applications for weed.

Although they’re harder to come by, upscale dispensaries like The Bakeréé are well-aware of the benefits of these products. In most cases, one bottle of loaded soda is intended for at least two separate servings, although if you’re feeling bold you could theoretically drink the entire container in one sitting.

While they tend to have stronger doses than candies, they’re still not quite as potent as smoking weed itself. On average, one serving of a loaded soda brings at least 15mg to your system. Try drinking one with a meal or if you need to be subtle about it, put it in your own water bottle and take it with you on an outing with friends.

Tea Time Is High Time

Cannabis tea is perhaps one of the most perfect creations for those who enjoy the ritual of a calming and warm beverage to start or end their day on a good note. Similar in many ways to traditional tea, you brew cannabis tea in warm water to create an infused cup of goodness. There are a wide range of flavors on the market, with anything from green tea blends to energize you to chamomile to soothe and relax.

Using tea to consume cannabis is often a safer method for those who aren’t used to getting high, as each tea bag has a set amount of THC that can range anywhere from 2.5mg up to over 20mg depending on the brand. Some also offer the benefits of CBD as well, setting their sights on pain relief and lifting your mood all in one delicious drink.

The Wave Of The Future

For some, smoking marijuana is almost a thing of the past, as blazing a joint or using a bong can be limiting in some ways. While it’s a proven fact that lighting up isn’t good for your lungs, it also brings along with it a smell that’s hard to disguise. The ritual of smoking can be calming, yet perhaps replacing that with a different method of consumption can be equally satisfying.

The next time you’re in a dispensary, talk with your budtender about the edible options they have for sale. Depending on how long you want to be high for and what sounds most appealing to your taste buds, there could be a range of foods and drinks to meet your needs. If nothing else, trying out an edible with friends in a public setting could be just the thing you need to have an awesome adventure!

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