Juan the “Ganja God” - painter & graphic designer

Juan is a Seattle-based painter and cannabis educator with a unique style that blends elements of street-style graffiti with naturalistic botanical imagery. His work covers a broad range of visual mediums, like up-close-and-personal painted nugshots, educational graphic design, and packaging artwork for concentrate and flower brands in Washington and Oregon’s recreational markets. 

Cannabis is a big part of Juan’s life––not only as his the crux of his subject matter or artistic process, but as a scientific passion. When he’s not painting, he’s making anatomically-accurate infographics, diagrams, and lexicons for our favorite plant. Having learned from old-school sages in the cannabis taxonomy scene, like Mel Frank and the late legend Frenchy Cannoli, today he’s picking up the torch of the cannabis nomenclature movement, dedicated to teaching others about terminology and proper use. His work has been published in O’Shaughnessy’s Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice.

Juan is currently taking commissions for murals, private paintings, and graphic design work for branding and educational materials. You can view and buy his art by DM’ing him on Instagram, linked below. 

Contact Juan 

IG: @ganjagod206

Email: [email protected]

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