Karen Mason Blair - photographer

You may have seen Karen Mason Blair’s photography decorating our Georgetown shop walls at her Bakeréé debut show “Nostalgia is for losers” back in 2019. More likely, you’ve seen her work on t-shirts, album artwork from your favorite bands, in national magazines like People, Rolling Stone, and Entertainment Weekly––or in the Rock Hall of Fame itself. 

That’s because Karen made her name in the photography world snapping pictures of the titans of alternative rock, entrenched in Seattle’s revolutionary grunge movement (AKA “Seattle sound”) since the early 90’s. You’ve probably heard of a few of her most notorious subjects: think Nirvana, Soundgarden, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, Duran Duran, Megadeth… and that’s just the beginning. 

These days, she’s still the main woman behind the camera of Seattle’s music scene, working with up-and-coming local artists like Ayron Jones. She’s also now getting into the NFT game, and releases new image launches on opensea.io

Karen loves her family, and when she’s not out capturing images of the world-famous Seattle music scene, she’s spending time with her kids, or finding pockets of sunshine to bask in. 

You can view and buy her work on her online store from her website or the link in her Instagram bio (also linked below). If you’re looking to get in on Karen’s NFT collection, just search “Karen Mason Blair” on OpenSea (also linked below).

Contact Karen 

Website: www.karenmasonblair.com

Online store: https://grungemart.karenmasonblair.com/

IG: @karenmasonblair

OpenSea NFT’s: https://opensea.io/assets?search[query]=karen%20mason%20blair

Contact form: https://www.karenmasonblair.com/contact-us

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