Why is Solventless Hash Rosin Such a Big Deal?

Solventless hash rosin has been a hot product in legal cannabis riding a steady incline for years now. Well done hash rosin is an art, right down to the rich colors and textures that it comes in. Hot on the tails of the vapegate explosion not so long ago, solventless options for cannabis consumers saw a dramatic increase. The reason not being rocket science—solventless is the cleanest way possible to enjoy concentrated cannabis.

Here's the deal, rosin only requires a very few things to be made (not to say that making rosin is easy, but we’ll get back to that later). All that solventless hash rosin requires is ice water, agitation, heat, and pressure then voila, you have all the necessary steps to creating hash rosin. No butane, propane, or any other chemicals needed. The truth is, dabs just haven’t been around that long and when it comes to knowing you’re not inhaling anything extra, solventless is undoubtedly the way to go.

As mentioned above, it’s not as simple as just doing those four things, though, especially if what you’re after is a satisfying result.  Seth from Fugu Farms located up in Everett, WA, has been in the game for more than a decade took some time to talk to us about what goes into making not just hash rosin, but quality hash rosin. Leave your hair straightener out of it, everybody.

How Solventless Hash Rosin is Made

It all begins at the start; in the case of quality cannabis rosin that means taking it back to the garden. A quality press requires a quality plant. Obvious you want to make sure your plant is grown in a solid environment, clear of contaminates, and over stress. Beyond just the quality of the grow, the profile of the specific plant will be what you examine next. Not every smell and flavor profile will translate to rosin. Some leave an overly plant taste when enjoyed, some turn into nothing like their original palette when concentrated, and some will even have a yield that barely makes it worth the effort. With the strains with a low yield, though, not all of them should be passed on.

Low Yield but Still Worth It

“We don’t shy away from producing things for the profile and the effect even if we’re only looking at a 2-3% yield,” Seth shared with us. “There’s some strains we make money on to keep the business moving, but strains like that [low yield] we're providing at a loss for the people to be able to consume because we need to, you know?” Of course, I had to ask which Fugu Farms strains those were so feel free to write this down—The Manny, Peach Flambe, and The Lemon Peel.

If you’ve investigated picking up some rosin, you may have noticed that it’s definitely a few more dollars than its counterparts in the concentrates section. There’s a reason for this; even though there are fewer ‘ingredients’ in solventless rosin, it requires a higher quality of starting material. With other concentrates like BHO and C02, there are opportunities to clean up the product. Effectively you can start with a lower grade material and still end up making something decent to dab. With rosin, it’s hard to hide the negatives when there’s not much to hide them with.

The Perfect Dab Temp for Rosin

Eager to get the opinion of a professional, I had to ask the age-old question—what is the perfect dab temp? Straight from the mouth of Mr. Fugu Farms himself the consensus is “if you’re smoking melt, you want to be at like 480-500 degrees. For rosin, depending on the size of your dab, 500-550 degrees.” Shout out to Mothership Glass for being a part of the grueling time spent to pin that answer down.

If you’ve been rosin curious, stop into one of our two shops in Seattle and let us answer any questions you may have. A good hash rosin is what might take your smoking to the full flavored, next level.

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