Myron Curry – Featured December Artist

Myron Curry is an artist from Seattle’s Central District. His murals and pieces are exceptionally well thought out and beautiful, but what really makes Myron special in a city full of artists is the power of his story.

Myron Curry in front of a mural of a tiger in rainbow colors

Growing up, money was tight. Myron Curry and his family did their best while living in poverty. When he was young, he can recall his mother’s response to him asking for a toy or something that wasn’t a necessity.

“She was explaining ‘you know, I would get you anything that you want if I could—but toilet paper cost money, toothpaste costs money, the lights cost money’—and from that day, I knew I had to figure out a way to get money.”

He began selling cars, fixed bikes, had a window washing business, and eventually crossed over into selling things that weren’t legal. Drug charges landed Myron in jail for a 15 year sentence. It’s easy to understand how someone might look at that length of time and crumble, but Myron took a different approach. During his time, he journeyed inward and really thought about what it is he wants to do with his life; what he wanted it to look like going forward.

It all came back to his community.

His time became about educating himself, bettering himself, and the moment he was out he enrolled at Seattle Central College.

Myron Curry mural of Challenger astronaut Dick Scobee

The way he ended up behind bars isn’t unheard of. The path from poverty to prison has existed for generations, often a result of feeling there are no other options. Myron’s goal became bringing unity and support to his neighborhood. He stays active in the community, painting murals that feature key members of the community with the intention to incite conversation and highlight those making a difference right there where his art is featured.

Beyond the stunning murals, Myron remains active networking with groups that benefit prison advocacy and at risk youth, staying true to the decision he made while serving his time to do something good.

Featured at Our Belltown Location

Myron’s art will be on display for a month at The Bakeree’s Belltown location starting December 9th as a part of the Belltown Artwalk. Experience the amazing works he’s created while enjoying other artists featured at local businesses nearby.

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