Cannabis for Mental Wellness

It’s no secret that weed is fun—it’s a great way to relax, to connect with those around you, and to get a great night’s rest, but beyond that it can help a busy mind take a breather. At a time when the number of people struggling to find a way to give themselves a break, weed is an option that many people turn to for a little relief. Cannabis for mental wellness is a more than viable choice, but we want to remind our readers that we are not doctors and if you’re struggling with a crisis, please make sure to seek help from a trusted physician or therapist.

If you need someone to talk to immediately, please consider reaching out to the following sources:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Text 988 to 988, a great option for those who don’t like speaking on the phone

Friendship Line: 1-800-971-0016; this line is specifically geared towards older people facing feelings of depression, crisis, or just needing a person to listen

What we can do is offer specific cannabis products that help with things like quality rest, relaxation, and relief from discomfort. Below we’ve put together a list of our go-to’s when we need a little something to make the day (or night) better.

Products with CBD

Journeyman brand cannabis gummies that contain a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC available at The Bakeree
Journeyman CBD 1:1 jellies contain equal amounts of THC to CBD.

THC is undoubtedly the most famous of cannabinoids found in weed, but there’s a whole bunch of other ones that carry their own effects (some without even being psychoactive or capable of causing a ‘high’). Inside our bodies is something called the endocannabinoid system which is why we react to things like weed the way that we do. Our brains hold specific receptors that components like THC, CBD, CBN, all fit into much like a lock and key.

CBD specifically is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has surged in popularity due to its wellness benefits. In addition to having reported positive effects like relief from discomfort, having properties that protect your brain, or even helping with the struggle of addiction; one of the biggest benefits of CBD is its impact on anxiety and depression. There’s a wide array of options that include both THC and CBD in varying levels, depending on what it is that works best for you. Experts suggest using both cannabinoids together to get the maximum desired effect as THC helps CBD fit better in the ‘lock’ that are the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brains. As a CBD user myself that finds it helps an overworking mind, I find the feeling it provides is akin to my brain pausing and taking a big, deep breath. 

Some people claim to not feel anything when it comes to high CBD products, which isn’t a bad thing at all. CBD isn’t going to blast your off to space or give you the giggles like straight THC does. Arguably, if it’s working, you shouldn’t feel anything (except a mellowing out of stress and cyclical thoughts). In addition to high CBD strains line Harlequin, Remedy, and Charlotte’s Web there are plenty of non-smokable options in edible, capsule, or tincture form worth asking about.

Products with CBG

Wyld gummies with THC and CBG to help balence hormones along with other benefits found at The Bakeree in Seattle
Wyld Pear Gummies containing equal amounts of CBG and THC.

One of the newer and lesser known cannabis products that help with mental wellness are those that have CBG. A big help when it comes to regulating hormones, CBG is a cannabinoid that benefits a wide array of things that people struggle with including balancing appetite, reducing inflammation, and calming general irritation. One of the CBG products we carry are gummies from edibles producer, Wyld, has soared in popularity with women because of the positive effects. For more information about CBG, check out Wyld's article on the topic here.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Oftentimes a root cause of distress is an inadequate sleep schedule. It can be difficult to drift off when life’s worries set in or if you’re suffering from bodily discomfort. Lots of people have found that cannabis can provide relief especially when trying to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

These types of cannabis for mental wellness products come in a ton of varieties beyond flower or prerolls which require you to smoke. Because of the nature of how the body processes them, edibles make a great option to help wind down before bed when timed right. Give yourself room for a little trial and error as the time it takes for an edible to kick in is different for everybody. Things like metabolism, the last time you ate, and what type of edible can all impact or fast or slow you might feel the effects. For a shorter wait time, we recommend giving tinctures (a liquid that is absorbed under the tongue) a try.

Cannabis for mental wellness products specifically targeted towards rest are often easy to spot such as the ‘Rest Well’ tincture from Polite—a brand which was built with the assistance of doctors to provide reliable and consistent aid, or the ‘Sleepen’ CBN disposable vape our friends at Mfused which has it’s intended use right there in the name.

Pick-me-up’s for a Better Mood

We all have days where it feels like a gray cloud is following us around. A funk that is hard to shake can throw anybody off, but luckily there are a few tried and true strains that bring an uplifting feeling to those who enjoy them.

One of the most classic strains in a cannabis enthusiasts arsenal has to be Blue Dream. One of the most popular and well known, it is also one of the most approachable. Blue Dream is like a comfortable pair of jeans that you can always rely on. Not too overwhelming, but certainly effective, this strain can provide a gentle nudge towards positivity while easing some tension out of the body.

Jack Herer is a little higher octane, but along with its step up in intensity is a bright and happy high. While not the first choice for someone who is prone to anxiety, Jack Herer’s effects set in quickly, often providing a shift in headspace within the first puff or two. As a hybrid that falls between sativa and indica, Jack Herer has long been a strain found useful for mood elevating, bringing out creativity, and finding a clear headspace.

For a more mellow experience while still finding a bit of happiness, consider White Tahoe Cookies. Somewhere between the consistency of Blue Dream and the bliss of Jack Herer, White Tahoe Cookies provide a feel good high with more relaxing undertones. The body high that comes with this strain doesn’t outshine its mental effects of smoothing over stress and worry with a nice and cheerful buzz. On the contrary, its slightly weighty body effects can help provide relaxation in addition to a pick-me-up in the consumer’s mood.

More Cannabis Products for Mental Wellness

The selection of things that can help with whatever you’re struggling with is vast and growing everyday as we learn more about this amazing plant. And no, not all of them mean you have to smoke!

Whereas this blog is a peek into the possibilities, the best thing to do is stop by one of our locations and speak to a knowledgeable budtender in person about what it is you’re wanting help with. With The Bakeree having roots in the medical market, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver solutions that we’ll work with you to find. It’s our goal to match our customers with the best thing for their needs.

Swing by our Belltown or Georgetown locations today, or browse the online menu by clicking one of the locations below.

Most importantly, be sure to take care of yourself!

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