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What’s new at your favorite Belltown cannabis dispensary? If you can’t recall, it’s time to change your routine and your store. Farmers, bakers, and concentrate makers never stop creating. Choose a store that never stops searching for the best they have to offer. That’s our mission at The Bakeréé. You want new, quality cannabis products you can’t get anywhere else? Stop in today.

Discover the difference a passionate staff and active cannabis curators can make. Our team is always visiting local growers and manufacturers. Visit The The Bakeréé to explore Washington’s best new products for yourself.

The Bakeréé
The Bakeréé

Explore the possibilities at your new favorite dispensary.

How do you imbibe your favorite cannabis? Flowers, waxes, isolates, topicals, tinctures, and teas are just a sampling of the many ways people enjoy THC and CBD. With so many products coming to the marketplace, many Belltown dispensaries don’t bother with outreach.

We don’t wait until the products come to us. Our acquisitions team goes right to the source to see what’s being worked on, sample the crop, and bring the best of the best back to our shop.

You’ll find an ever-rotating roster at our dispensary that isn’t based on what a company is trying to push. Every product in our store is hand-selected. We’ve built a shop where even the most experienced marijuana aficionado can find something new.

The Bakeréé
The Bakeréé

Get the perfect pairing with the help of our dedicated budtenders

Whether you’re spending time at Greenlake, your favorite local park, or visiting one of the area’s oldest cinemas for a late night flick; the perfect marijuana pairing can make any event better.

Our budtenders know our products, but that’s just the beginning. We hire for knowledge and experience.

If you’re seeking cannabis products to relieve a specific condition, find a certain mood, or help enhance an activity, our staff understand how each strain feels, what effects it has, and how each THC and CBD combination affects the outcome of your high.

What’s better than that? Our budtenders can describe a strain’s effects in detail. You’ll leave our dispensary knowing exactly what to expect and more than you needed to. Seattle cannabis enthusiasts know our experts help them to become experts too.

How do we choose our products?

  • Quality always comes first. We want the cleanest, safest, organic products. That’s why all of the flowers we carry burn clean, white ash.
  • The best at every price tier. Quality comes first, but we work hard to find and carry high-quality products at every price. Whether you’ve got a budget of $5 or $500, you’ll get more for your money at The Bakeréé.
  • If the people making it are excited about it, we want it. The latest strains aren’t always the most produced. We visit cannabis farms, talk to the growers, and find out what new strains they’re excited and passionate about. These are often small-batch strains that aren’t market-tested yet. If we love it, we bring it to you.

See what’s new today.

Our passion is cannabis. Choose from the best marijuana product selection in Seattle whether you’re new to bud or have a lifetime of experience. We’ll help you discover something new, all you have to do is stop by and say, “Hi.” Our budtenders will take it from there.


Monday – Sunday 8:00am-11:45pm


Phone: (206) 466-2936

Address: 222 Wall St., Seattle 98121

Located in Seattle Off of Vine St. and 3rd Ave.

The Bakeréé

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