Weed Specials Everyday at The Bakeree Seattle

Weed Specials Everyday at The Bakeree Seattle

Daily Weed Specials at The Bakeree Seattle

Every day you’ll find different daily weed specials at The Bakeréé. No day-old deals, just fresh specials. We make it easy to maximize your visit by highlighting different product types depending on day of the week.

Looking to pick up a little bit of everything? Get 20% off any 4 or more products (over $10) — the champion of weed specials!

Monday – 25% off all Pre-rolls

Whether it’s a single joint for yourself, or a pack to share with friends, Monday is the day to score a weed special at The Bakeree on pre-rolls. We carry a variety that includes single joints, two half gram joints, and pre-roll packs with seven or more joints ready to spark. Brands you’ll find include Redbird, Tranquil Forest, Green & Gold, Phat Panda, Artizen, Grindhouse, Lifted, and Cookies. Need some help deciding? Our always staff knows what’s good.

Tuesday – 25% off Edibles, RSO, and CBD/CBG Products

Do you enjoy consuming cannabis instead of smoking or vaping? Like to accent some Rick Simpson Oil with a little weed beverage buzz? Use CBD and other cannabinoids for sleep, relaxation, or hunger? We have chocolates, potato chips, gummies, sour belts, drinks, and more with new favorites added all the time. A few of our customer favorite edibles include Pioneer Squares gummies, Journeyman gummies, Honu’s line of peanut butter cups, and Ray’s Lemonade 100 mg drinks. Ask your budtender about our selection of CBD and CBG products as well!

Wednesday – 25% off Flower eighths under $40

Wednesday is all about the weed making it the perfect day of the week to re-up your stash. Getting a $40 eighth for $30 is a nice way to stay smiling all the way to the weekend. Brands like Redbird, Artizen, Pagoda, Royal Kind, and Solstice are all available for the Wednesday weed special at The Bakeree.

Thursday – 25% off Concentrates and Cartridges

Do you prefer the stronger side of weed like live resin, rosin, or diamonds? How about the discretion and ease that comes with using a cannabis vape? Don’t worry, Thursdays have got you covered. Brands like Dank Czar, Green & Gold, Cold Smoke Concentrates, Constellation, Redbird, Get Sticky With it, Dabstract, and Snicklefritz are featured for our daily weed special each Thursday.

Friday – Sunday – 30% off Half and Full Ounces

We know the weekends are meant for letting loose and getting some relaxation in which means it’s also the best time to buy in bulk! We’re happy to help make sure you don’t go dry. Some of our 14g and 28g brands include Fire Bros, Royal Kind, Tranquil Forest, Lifted, Pagoda, Beyond, and Inflorescence. If you like mini buds get an even bigger bang for your buck with Smokehouse (Premier), Redbird, and Hella Loud brands of halves and full ounces.

Our online menu features all products on sale front and center so no need to remember all the daily weed specials we offer. The online menu is also live updated with new products and vendors. Go ahead and check out what’s in store and special today by clicking here for our Georgetown location or here for Belltown.

“Living on the Fringes” showcases original rock band memorabilia from the 70’s

“Living on the Fringes” showcases original rock band memorabilia from the 70’s

The Bakeréé is hosting an exhibit featuring the first Rock Band Merchandise from the 70’s including; Grateful Dead, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Journey, Pink Floyd and more.  The exhibit has been in storage for 42 years and has never been seen before as a collection.  All the art will be sent to auction after the show in Seattle at 74. S Lucile St, Seattle 98134.  The founder of Hippo-potamus Creations, Jeffrey Axelrod will be at The Bakeree Thursday 9/7/2017 to share stories of that incredible time in history.