Find Cookies in Seattle at The Bakeree’s Belltown Location

Cookie’s Enterprises cannabis line takes the cake as the nation’s most in demand legal cannabis brand, but we remember when it started as simply a logo and a concept while Berner focused on his music. A kindred partnership, we couldn’t be more honored to be the exclusive Cookie’s Corner location for downtown Seattle and work with them to make sure that you can always find the brand’s latest and greatest in our new downtown Seattle location in Belltown. So if you’re looking for Cookie’s flower in Seattle, look no further.

From a part-time fast-food employee to a recognized hip hop artist, the more we see Berner take over the world, the more we see camp outs for Cookie’s launches and record sales of the Cookie’s cannabis brand. Not just Cookie’s flower, they’ve also taken off with vapes, prerolls, dabs, and even a CBD line.

Seattle is not a city that shies away from good weed so it’s no wonder that the Emerald city loves this brand. Cookies fans are everywhere and for good reason. They’re product never disappoints and now The Bakeree Belltown is the only place to get them in all of downtown. Check out a few of our favorite Cookie’s flower, preroll, and concentrates strains.

Gary Payton

Gary Payton from Cookie's at The Bakeree BelltownPossibly one of the first favorites from Cookie’s when it hit Washington State—Gary Payton is balance without anything getting washed out. Potent enough for daily smokers, but not overwhelming even if you’re a once-in-a-while partaker. Gary Payton is a slam dunk as a crowd pleaser. One of the most well recognized of Cookie’s flower.


Gelatti from Cookie's at The Bakeree Downtown SeattleThough the name might make you think Italian ice cream, the smell on this strain is all gas. It forms in tight, dense nugs that explode apart after grinding. For sure, a new school must try for those that enjoy smoking the old school OG’s.

Georgia Pie

Georgia Pie from Cookie's in Seattle at The Bakeree BelltownNot a strain for those with a low tolerance, Georgia Pie is a sweet and pungent experience that tackles both head and body. Got a day off you don’t know what to do with? Roll up some Georgia Pie and treat yourself to an intense, fulfilling high.

2090 Shit

Cookie's 2090 Shit at The BakereeThis bag is stinky! The aroma has some citrus and though it’s sativa leaning, the effects are a smooth and relaxing ride that fits for anytime. Not too overbearing, but more like putting on a rosy pair of sunglasses and remembering to let your shoulders relax.

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Wanna check out what else we’ve got from Cookie’s Enterprises? Check out the online menu and search ‘Cookie’s’ to see everything in store. It’s quick and easy to pre-order online to keep your visit short and sweet. (We know you wanna rush home and spark what you picked up!)

Find our menu for Georgetown here and our menu for Belltown here. See you soon!