Born in San Francisco, CA and raised in Seattle, WA, Jesse Robinson, known by his stage name “Nacho Picasso” is one of the most decorated hip hop artists to come out of Seattle in the last decade. Nacho has released 12 studio albums over the last six years and has captured the imagination of fans worldwide.

Nacho is not afraid to speak his mind and his no holds barred attitude has endeared him to cult hero status among his fans. His content ranges from sex, drugs and violence all the way to comic book super heroes, anime and iconic movie references.

Before Nacho ever released any music, he was a self proclaimed comic book nerd and has been honing in on his personal artwork ever since. Thursday, October 19th, at the Bakeree in Seattle, WA – the public will get its first ever chance to view his visual works in person as well as a chance to hang out with the artist himself.

In addition to the artwork, the public will get a sneak preview of Nacho’s new album “Anti-Hero Vol. 2” which is a collaboration w/ super producer Harry Fraud.

DJs: Stas Thee Boss & Ramos from KEXP Street sounds will provide the soundscape to the party.See you there!