Is Dabbing The New Wave Of Cannabis Consumption?

It’s fair to say that in the last several decades, the popularity of and ways to use cannabis has grown exponentially. If your parents were fans of marijuana, they probably rolled joints themselves or used a glass piece to get high. Those who were especially creative might have taken it upon themselves to incorporate flower into baked goods, and probably had varying levels of success.

With the legalization of both medicinal and recreational use in varying places across the nation, cannabis consumers have found themselves in quite a favorable position. Instead of taking home nugs of weed from their favorite establishment, they can now peruse a wealth of other options, including edibles, topical products, vape pens, and more.

Despite being present in the industry for about a decade, a lesser known option for consuming cannabis is through dabbing. While it might be harder to come by on a retail level, it’s starting to generate quite a buzz throughout the cannabis community as it offers potent effects that hit you right away.

The Basics Of Dabbing

Unless you’ve been educated by a budtender or have seen a friend dab in person, the concept can be slightly confusing. Dabbing refers to the consumption of cannabis oils that have been extracted through a complex chemical process. The product you smoke when you dab is cannabis processed into a more pure form commonly known as a concentrate.  Concentrates are manufactured in a variety of methods including; Hydrocarbons (BHO or PHO), CO2, Distillation, Liquid Nitrogen, Rosin, Ethanol and Water.

Finding the processing method that most appeals to your taste includes various considerations including; potency, flavor, product consistency and quality of experience (the high).  Some may favor a more natural process like water hash or rosin versus hydrocarbon.  

Although the process of extracting the oil can vary, the consensus is clear: dabbing is the way to go for an immediate and intense high.

Why Choose To Dab?

At first glance, you might wonder why dabbing is the preferred choice of many cannabis consumers. After all, concentrate doesn’t resemble anything close to weed and seems like the last thing that would get you high.

While top-shelf cannabis strains can certainly pack a punch, offering 25% or more THC in some cases, they don’t hold a candle to the potency of cannabis oils. Dabs often weigh in between 60% and 90% THC, meaning that a little goes an incredibly long way. Fans of concentrates enjoy the immediacy, flavor and effect of dabbing.  For those that don’t want to smoke enjoy a cleaner vaporized experience.  Imagine concentrating the distinct flavors experienced in a joint and enhance that 5 times.  Dabbing is clean, efficient and greatly reduces residual smells often associated with smoking flower in any form.

Aside from a high that will send you into outer space, one of the primary reasons that people choose to dab is that it offers immense and immediate relief from chronic pain. Rather than waiting for your high to kick in after smoking or ingesting cannabis, concentrates go straight to work on your most plaguing problems.

Dabbers also enjoy the flavor that comes along with dabs, as they tend to hold a higher level of terpenes, the compounds that give weed their aromatic properties. Your high is also said to be clearer with cannabis oils, and of course, we can’t forget that a vaporized inhale is far better for your lungs than burning plant matter.

Dabbing At Home - Dos And Don’ts

The process of extracting cannabis oils is complicated and involves a range of equipment that must be used in the right environment and in the right way.  This is why concentrate production must be accomplished in a certified lab where safety and appropriate equipment is mandatory.  Extraction artists and technicians are trained to extract and clean up the product to eliminate any residual compounds that are not appropriate for inhalation.  Dabbing is becoming more convenient to use and the apparatus needed is more cost effective and convenient.  The old days of butane torch is ending and a more sophisticated methods for vaporizing are available at all price points

The Future Of Dabbing

As the popularity of dabbing has increased, companies are getting on board with advanced technology to process concentrates in more efficient and potent ways. Recently we’ve seen the introduction of portable dabbing equipment, called e-nails, and an ever growing range of products sold at local dispensaries.

While there’s something to be said for the ritual of rolling and lighting a joint, you can’t argue with the potency and convenience that concentrates bring. If you’re interested in trying out dabbing, be sure to stop by our shop to learn more about the options we have available.

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