About The Bakeréé

Unleashing the brilliance of you

Guided by our belief in cannabis’ ability to bring out the best in people, we’ve spent the last decade building a science-informed, community-focused cannabis company that puts the needs of humans first.
Since the medical-only days of Washington’s marijuana program, we’ve been partnered up with medical research institutions devoted to understanding the ways this plant works in our bodies and minds, so we can make the most informed recommendations possible to everyone that walks through our doors.
The Bakeréé is an award-winning cannabis dispensary founded in Seattle in 2011.

Extraordinary cannabis from seed to smoke

If it’s not top quality, we don’t put it on our shelf. Simple as that.

But what goes into top-quality cannabis? Perhaps a better question is what doesn’t: synthetic pesticides, hormones, fertilizers, artificial additives.

We pride ourselves on having the most scrupulous product selection practices in Washington, to provide you with the best selection of cannabis anywhere.
The Bakeréé’s acquisition team scours the state each week searching for the best-grown genetics the West Coast has to offer. We look for exceptional producers who grow rare genetics exceptionally well, who practice sustainable, organic farming methods, and who believe that great cannabis should be grown with respect for both people and the planet.

And we don’t stop there. Every strain gets put through connoisseur-level scrutiny to make sure the flavor, effect, looks, and smokability are worthy of our cannabis-savvy customers like you.

Expect The Right Effect

If you come into The Bakeréé and say, “point me to the gas,” our budtenders know what you mean. If you come to The Bakeréé and ask for an Indica-leaning hybrid, we know just what you’re looking for. “Citrus-forward nose with a note of skunk?” We got you.

No matter your level of knowledge or experience with cannabis, our highly-trained budtenders speak your language and ask the questions that lead you to what you need.
The Bakeréé team is a diverse group of lifelong learners connected by their passion for sharing cannabis knowledge with those who seek it. And they never stop learning; our ongoing budtender training program keeps our staff sharp, informed, and able to make the most on-point recommendations, every time.

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