Best Cannabis Gifts for Giving 2022

Cannabis products are always changing, whether it’s a new way to enjoy or a new brand breaking into the market. It’s part of why being a cannabis enthusiast can be so exciting! But when it comes to gifting a smoke or a treat to somebody else, it is wise to stick to the tried and true brands with consistent quality. To make things easy, we’ve put together a list of brands that we know solidly make the best cannabis gifts worth giving 2022.

Tranquil Forest

Flower - Preroll 10 Packs 

Tranquil Forest is a mighty fan favorite. The selection of strains they bring to market have anchored the company as a leader in providing well executed genetics to the people. No fluff, no larf, no empty effects; Tranquil Forest puts proprietary exclusive genetics they’re proud to attach their name to. With people in their grow room that have been doing this longer than they can really admit to legally, picking up something from them comes with enjoying a legacy that’s unable to be replicated. A very special partner that values the culture just like we do, they know that it takes growing something special with integrity to capture those that know what good weed is.


Flower - Preroll Pack - Infused - Solventless Concentrates - Dabs 

Redbird cannabis is cultivated in Spokane, WA. They have a system dialed in to produce consistent and clean tasting flower every time through their highly consistent aeroponic grow system. Though they offer more than just eighths, the root of their products start with quality flower that remains affordable due to their cultivation efficiency. They grow using high-pressure aeroponics, channeling a 100% oxygen and carbon dioxide reception to produce buds with excellent structure and smoke-a-bility. Redbird’s other products including a variety of prerolls and preroll packs as well as dabs that look good enough to spread on toast like butter, carry the same sort of consistency across the board.


Flower - Prerolls - Dabs - Vapes

Undoubtedly, Cookies is the biggest name in cannabis across the country and it’s not by accident. The brand is guided by rapper, Berner, who rose to fame alongside the rapidly growing legal cannabis market but arguably, the brand itself has grown even bigger than his music career being featured via merchandise in streaming shows such as Kobra Kai on Netflix and garnering nearly 1.9 Million followers on social media. Launching new “fire” genetics with strains like Gary Payton, Bernihanna Butter, Red Velvet, Doggy Bagg and many others with focused and tight branding suitable for the high caliber smokes, dabs, and vapes found inside, Cookies is a friendly cannabis gift option anyone that partakes will recognize and enjoy.


Vapes - Disposable Vapes - Tankers

Selection meets convenience in the Mfused vape line of cannabis products. The folks behind this brand don’t stop at just making a quality and reliable vape, but bring the options of CBD ratios, cartridges or tankers (or disposables if you find yourself without a battery), and different types of oil to enjoy. For those looking for a quick hold of effects, distillate is a fine option without stretching your budget. If you’re in the market for a high with some more meat on its bones, you’ll want to snag a full spectrum choice that carries more of the additional cannabinoids that truly direct what you feel and how long it lingers. Is the person intended for your cannabis gift newer to enjoying weed? Or just enjoy the smoke as a little treat? Be sure to ask about their flavored options as well!

Legendary Laboratories

Flower - Prerolls - Infused Prerolls - Vapes - Disposable Vapes - Solventless 

Another rockstar coming to us out of Spokane, Legendary Laboratories has made a name for themselves in the Western Washington market through producing flower that is picture worthy and cannabis vape products as delicious as the material it’s made from. They understand that a stellar vape experience is only achieved with a clean oil, making their rosin options for vape something unbeatable to experience. Rosin has grown in immense popularity as people become more educated. The appeal being it’s solventless nature seeing as how rosin only require heat and pressure to create.

Constellation Cannabis

Flower - Prerolls - Preroll Packs - Infused Preroll Packs - Rosin Vapes - Solventless Edibles

A proud, female owned company backed by a history painted during the days of medical despite the brand itself being founded in 2018. Constellation is built on a foundation of all stars that look beyond the expectations of baseline recreational to aim for something higher while taking pride in growing at a pace that allows them to maintain their mission to deliver cannabis that reflects quality in all aspects. Another brand in favor of solventless for their concentrates and quality for their starting material, the serpent constellation logo found on their products serves as a seal of quality. What has truly set them on fire for customers of The Bakeree and makes them a standout brand when looking for edibles to gift are their Gravity Gummies made with hash rosin. There is a hint of cannabis flavor in with the fruit treats that somehow makes the delicious become dank, but (like the point with any edible) it’s the effects that make the product a sure thing for a cannabis gift worth giving. 

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Our budtenders at either Belltown, 222 Wall St in downtown Seattle or Georgetown, 74 S Lucile St, are at the ready to help make your holiday shopping as easy as possible whether it’s to build up your own stash or give the perfect source of wellness and relaxation to a loved one. The brands listed above are just a peek into what we offer, but for the full experience make sure to stop by and have any of your questions answered by our expert crew!

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