Thunder Chief Farms: Meet the Newest Sought After

We’re lucky to have fantastic partnerships with all of our vendors, just like we’re lucky to have budtenders that really care about the quality of product they recommend. This is why when we notice a vendor gaining a lot of popularity, we take note. Thunder Chief Farms is one of those cannabis farms.

Thunder Chief Farms flower and joints

Between over all approval from our staff of passionate smokers to the amount of repeat customers gravitating towards the blue and green label, Thunder Chief Farms has been flying off the shelf. There’s a certain attention to detail that comes from brands that aren’t mega giants operating in multiple states. The plant is handled on a more personal level, grown with an authenticity that keeps the end product clean and potent when all is said and done.

They have a very intimate and hands on approach to how they grow. The operation itself treasures keeping things tight knit in order to ensure consistency that can be found by simple examining the flower with the naked eye. Frosty, evenly colored buds with tight structures are a testament to the quality smoke sealed inside.

Some of Thunder Chief Farms most notable strains are Baby D, Fuelato, Sugarloaf, Unicorn Tears, A Thunderous high, Lemonato, Fish, White B, and Blood Orange. New strains are showing up all the time too at both Belltown and Georgetown locations.

Our staff is always ready to tell you about their most recent favorite so don’t worry if you don’t know what you want when you stop in. We got you covered! And any day of the week, remember that you get 20% off your whole order when you buy any four items over $10 (Thunder Chief Farms included)!

Belltown weed dispensary
georgetown weed dispensary

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