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Visit Seattle’s favorite cannabis dispensaries.

Connoisseur-curated product selection, award-winning customer service, and the best bud on any budget.
South Seattle
Georgetown- South Lucile St.
location info
The Bakeree Cannabis Dispensary Georgetown
South Seattle
Georgetown- South Lucile St.
Off Highway 99 and 1st Avenue, our flagship dispensary is in the heart of South Seattle’s industrial district, surrounded by good food, craft brews, and underground gems waiting to be discovered.
Downtown Seattle
Belltown - 3rd & Wall Street
location info
The Bakeree Belltown Interior Flipbox
Downtown Seattle
Belltown - 3rd & Wallstreet
Our brand-new Belltown dispensary is your new favorite downtown destination –– surrounded by Seattle’s most iconic sights, sounds, sports, and urban institutions.
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Fresh Drops Daily

There’s always something new at The Bakeréé

The Bakeree Cannabis Dispensary Belltown, Seattle, WA

Just like that other kind of bakery, we’ve got something fresh for you every single day.

Our online menu is updated daily with the latest additions of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles, drinkables, concentrates, waxes, oils, dabs, vaporizers, vaporizer cartridges, and topicals.

We only order small batches of limited products, so don’t wait to see if we’ve got your favorite in stock. Peruse your location’s menu and pre-order before you drop by –– we’ll have your goods waiting for you when you arrive.

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Part Dispensary
Part Arthouse

Meet The Artists
Supporting local, independent artists since day one
Our dispensaries double as exhibition spaces for local visual artists looking to showcase their work. Every 8 weeks we feature a new artist and display their latest pieces on our walls, supporting local artists and surrounding our customers with beauty as they shop the finest cannabis selection in Washington.
Are you an artist? Get featured
The Bakeree Cannabis Dispensary Seattle, WA

Always Stocked With the Cream of the Crop

Powerful Effects

Feel the way you want to feel with a wide range of potencies and effect profiles tailored to your specific needs.

Exclusive Genetics

Our product acquisition team scours the state of Washington to bring you a diverse array of rare cannabis varietals you won’t find anywhere else.

Premium Smokability

Top-quality cannabis flower should burn white when you smoke it –– proof that it’s been properly flushed clean during harvesting.

Gorgeous Appearance

You want sparkling trichomes, beautiful bud structure, and colors so bold you need to snap a picture of your flower before grinding.

Unique Flavors

We taste-test every batch of flower before we buy it, to ensure the aroma is robust, delicious, and consistent with the strains’ name and lineage.

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